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Quotes I usually don't give testimonials. I usually don't take disciples either. So on the surface this may not mean much since Sifu Iglesia is my disciple. However,the decision to accept him as a disciple,and write this testimonial was an easy one based upon seeing his seriousness and committment to Wing Chun, his school and his students. I have seen how he teaches and how he trains. Both involve a lot of heart and desire. Desire for his students to be the best they can be. Desire to learn and grow as a human being and as a martial artist. The school is a well rounded environment and home for many different people, skill levels and personalities. There is an immediate sense of family and belonging in the atmosphere. It fits snug and solid. There is enough curriculum form various disciplines to satisfy the most hungry practitioner. Quotes
John Crescione

Quotes This is a great school! I haven't met anyone there that I didn't like - no tough-guy/tough-girl attitudes. You work hard but you have fun, too. Some schools take a more militant approach. But the atmosphere here is somewhat casual while still being respectful. I think this makes it a less intimidating school to train at. The students here come in a fairly wide range of ages. There are both male and female students training. Also, for younger folks, there's a kids kung-fu class. And don't let being out of shape be an excuse not to train here; this place can be one of the steps you take to get in better physical condition. This is a friendly place where everyone is welcome. Quotes
Linda Lovy

Quotes I continue to be impressed with the depth of knowledge and skills demonstrated by both Sifu Eric Winfree and Sifu Anthony Iglesias. I find the materials presented and their instruction techniques to be very effective and I continue to learn much every class. The opportunity to cross train in different styles allows one to really find what interests and works best for them, at the same time providing a more flexibel schedule. Having previously studied Chinese kung fu with a traditional Chinese Master, I have been very pleased to see both Sifu Eric and Sifu Anthony firmly rooted in the traditions of their arts and their firm committment to root their students in those traditions as well. There are numerous opportunities to also learn from visiting Gurus (Sifu Eric's and Sifu Anthony's instructors) during seminars and other events offered through the school. Check out the school, you won't be disappointed. Quotes
Scott Fonte
Civil Engineer

Quotes When I finally decided to try to work my way back into shape and to fulfill a long standing desire to become involved in the martial arts, I was a little apprehensive. I was also looking for an activity I could share with my eleven year old son, Noah. Sifu Anthony and Sifu Eric have been great. Over the past eight months my training in Wing Chun at the Syracuse Martial Arts Academy has enabled me to lose weight, get in shape, start to learn a truly awesome self defense system and to have fun. My son loves the children's class with sifu Tom. Noah is a lot more responsible around our home and more confident of his own abilities. My only regret is not having started sooner. Quotes
Matthew E Whritenour

Quotes I have been fascinated with the martial arts all my life and have trained at a few different places but none of them have giving me the enlightenment that I get when training in JKD at the Syracuse martial arts academy. Quotes
Kris Morrissette

Quotes My daughter and I had a great time. You have an amazing school with some wonderful and talented students. Quotes
Brian Pribis

Quotes I have been training under Sifu Anthony since 2000 and also cross train with Sifu Eric. Syracuse Martial Arts Academy is privileged to have two Sifu's that have the experience and training background to provide a realistic approach to combat. Training is always fun but serious. A good way to shed some stress at the end of the day. Everyone helps each other to grow and push one another to new levels of skill. This is a way of life and I love it. Quotes
Don Jennings
Software Engineer