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Syracuse Martial Arts Academy

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Wing Chun

     The Wing Chun approach results in a no-nonsense defense system characterized by simplicity, directness, speed and techniques rather than physical strength to respond to an attack. Thus, Wing Chun becomes especially useful when applied to a larger, stronger, faster, more aggressive adversary.

     Wing Chun was designed to capitalize on each individual's body mechanics. People with varying abilities can quickly become adapt in defending themselves and at the same time developing self-confidence. It is well known that Yip Man (teacher of Bruce Lee) taught many of his main students differently, unique to their association with him. Rather than separate these extremes, we integrate them in order to teach Wing Chun from its total perspective.

     Wing Chun was created in China during the seventeenth century, and was one of the last Kung-Fu arts ever developed in China. It is believed to be the only Kung-Fu art ever created by a woman. Wing Chun is an in-close combative system based on not fighting "Force against Force," using the principles of Yin/Yang. The system's movements are based on looking at and implementing the movements of the five animals and five elements: the white crane(wood), snake(water), tiger(fire), Leopard(metal) and Dragon(earth). However, its effectiveness and uniqueness is its ability to utilize "chi", one's internal energy.

     Wing Chun is a scientific approach to discover and employ the most simple, direct and efficient means in combat. Come try a class today!

Schedule: MW 6:00-7:30 p.m., Sa 12:00-1:30 p.m.

Instructors: Sifu Anthony Iglesias, Sihing Don Jennings, Sihing Alan Knight, and Sihing Terry Tulip